Prices and Fees

All prices quoted are net prices plus the applicable value-added tax and are intended exclusively for companies and organisations. WEB9 only works on the basis of service level contracts according to actual expenditure and use of materials. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.


For all types and consulting, administration, programming, graphics, video and design tasks we charge an hourly rate of 80€.

Web Server (99,998%)

Webspace on a web server (99.998% availability, data center operation according to DIN / ISO 27000) per month and GByte 4.90€.

Web Server (99,95%)

Webspace on a web server (99,95% availability) per month and GByte 0.79€.

Domain Administration

Per domain and month 0.79€.

Email Server

Per 10 email accounts and month 0.79 Euro.

Telephone System

Virtual telephone systems with up to 1000 telephones from 9.90€ per month.


Minutely control of Your website availability for 1.00€ per month.

Social Multiplier

Automatic distribution of your messages on all social media channels via CMS9 Social Multiplier from 9.90€ per month.

Social Media Cache

Integration of social media channels into your web pages via CMS9 Media Chache from 0.90€ per month.

AI Text Generator (SaaS)

OnlDescriptions and messages based on artificial intelligence are created online via web service; per account and month 13.90€.

Shop System (SaaS)

Shop system based on Magento; per account and month 13,90€. PHP and mySQL DB are supported.

Typo3 (SaaS)

Typo3 SaaS with 99,998% availability per account and month 13,90€. PHP and mySQL DB are supported

Business Partner

Business partners receive special conditions.


We accept RSW Gift Certificates.

GVKN Discount

GVKN members receive a GVKN discount.

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Customer References

Dr. Klaus Heilgeist

Great company, which advises customers proactively and very competent in internet topics; very good value for money.   

Dr. Klaus Heilgeist

Peter Kuntze

Torsten Zimmermann advises us in the area of software quality and test management. For this purpose he develops a procedural test framework. As a result, the software quality improves in comparison to earlier releases along the software lifecycle.   

Peter Kuntze

Olga Zubkov

The WEB9® experts have a good feeling for design: in the digital world as well as in the print area. The team implements the requested tasks very competently. They deliver always perfect results very fast.   

Olga Zubkov


Management Team

We would be happy to answer Your questions:

Peter Mc Allister
P. Mc Allister


Prakrong Zimmermann
P. Zimmermann


Torsten Zimmermann
T. Zimmermann


Dominik Strauß
D. Strauss


Michal Hegyi
M. Hegyi


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We love companies, creative solutions, and extraordinary ideas. Our claim: We build relationships between enterprises, their solutions, as well as their ideas, and the markets. Our work has solely one goal: Your success!

Thus we use all opportunities to develop highly sophisticated solutions based on a clever mixture of classic and digital media. Use our expertize for Your business success!   

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