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CMS Consulting

Evaluation, Set-up and Customizing

The decision for choosing a content management system depends on a variety of criteria, depending on the scope of the project.


WEB9 consults you in any case from the tool selection up to the daily operation tasks to always find the best option for you.

Based on our profound CMS expertise and knowledge we establish your company or enterprise website along your requirements.


A CMS can only be successful if content editors and administrators are willing to use it. This makes usability a very important factor when choosing a system.

Unfortunately, most of the time you have to choose between a CMS that is easy to use or one that has the functionality you need. And the system should be adjusted according to your business needs. WEB9 establishes usage concepts and optimizes the CMS. Thus it completely support your processes and fulfill your business requirements.

Tool evaluation

Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) can be a long and difficult process, especially since there are a large number of content management systems available.

In Europe alone, you have around 500 systems to choose from. Whether you are looking to manage content in a large corporation, university, non- profit organization or a small business, we assess your requirements and find the right software for you.

Website Realization

WEB9 sucessfully realizes websites or portals based on Content Management Systems. These applications may be are very complex.

Based on our profound CMS expertise and knowledge we establish your company or enterprise website along your requirements. WEB9 offers a lot of services for the Content Management Systems Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3 and Wordpress:

Configuration and Customizing

WEB9 configures and customizes your Content Management System regarding to your specifications and requirements.

We adjust and optimize the CMS by adding plug- ins or extensions and modification of the configuration parameters. Furthermore, we code the templates, style sheets as well as additional scripts and modules. See our development page for further information.

Plug-in and extension design

WEB9 develop CMS plug- ins or extensions to extend the available CMS functionalties or even complete web applications.

We have profound programming and scripting know- how in languages like Java, PHP, and others to develop CMS extensions, plug- ins or web applications. See our development page for further information.

Application integration

WEB9 integrates further applications in the Content Management System or establish a bridge between the systems to build a system landscape.

Based on our in- depth expertise in the internet business, we can integrate systems to establish application platforms. Furthermore, we can realize connections to applications of the cloud to benefit their function potentials.

Installation and maintenance

WEB9 set- up and maintain your Content Management System on your IT environment.

Besides of that, we can offer our IT environment with the operational services included for an attractive and competitive monthly rate. See our hosting page for further information.


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